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View Diary: Republican senators discover they got nothing in nuclear option 'deal' (86 comments)

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  •  Outside their worldview to not be in charge (2+ / 0-)
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    Janet 707, mmacdDE

    The GOP is largely a class of 'privileged old men' that come from a worldview where they cannot imagine NOT being in charge in a fatherly dictatorial way.

    Father knows best, STFU and do as you're told.

    Even when they're not in the majority, they just presume others will get in step.

    The idea that father would have to make a deal with mother, or the kids, or even the neighbor - that's outside the worldview. Its not possible.

    A got a speech as a child from my step-father about 'the dangers of equality'... it boiled down to: there is no such thing as equality, someone is always in charge. If you're not THE MAN taking control, control will be taken from you, and there will be chaos.

    The GOP worldview can only accept that if they don't get their way 100%, it will be getting shoved into the up the rear. Rule, or be a victim.

    This worldview cannot sustain itself in an environment with multiple points of view being respected: which is any legislative body that hopes to function.

    Even within the GOP itself, we now see multiple camps of 'father figures' that see things differently over what are really, trivial differences. But because they have 0% to not be in charge, all they are left able to do is fight...

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