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View Diary: Chicago schools lay off 2,100 while city puts $55 million into college basketball arena (67 comments)

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    Thanks so much for this timely piece. I think decisions like this oftentimes cause people to believe that the Republican and Democratic parties are "twins." In this case, the actions of a Democratic leader would parallel the prototypical disposition of Republican politicians in that there appears to be no sincere attempt to allocate funding towards the preservation of educational opportunities for historically subjugated groups. I discussed this latter reality in my article
    "Revamping the HOPE Scholarship: Georgia's Greatest Need for 2013." I also wrote about some decisions that Democrats have made with respect to education that cause one to wonder if the party is really any more efficacious than the Republicans in ensuring that all children-and especially those who are underprivileged-gain access to great schools. Let's put these types of conversations in perpetuity and hold both Democratic and Republican leaders responsible for making adequate investments into the future of our children.

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