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View Diary: LA Times asks, "Oh, for goodness' sake, will this never stop?" (148 comments)

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  •  To the contrary. Horowitz appears to be (12+ / 0-)

    very influential with Republicans.

    Here are excerpts from a recent Steve Benen post--

    There are fringe radicals on far-right and the far-left of American political thought, but I've long believed there's an important difference when it comes to their greater influence -- the Democratic mainstream keeps the far-left at arm's length, while the Republican mainstream links arms with the far-right. Take David Horowitz, for example,... April, Horowitz spoke at a Republican National Committee event intended to help the party broaden its electoral appeal. No, seriously. Last month, Donald Rumsfeld stood alongside Horowitz when the former Pentagon chief questioned which side of the "war on terror" President Obama is on...

    Mother Jones' David Corn, with some research help from James Carter, reports on a February event in which Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) praised Horowitz and touted his influence among some Senate Republicans...

    As Corn describes it, Horowitz's latest book views the president -- and indeed, everyone on the American left -- as hell bent on destroying American society and creating a totalitarian state. A sitting U.S. senator praised the book, said the most offensive chapter in it gave him an "epiphany" about the president, and boasted at a Horowitz event that the right-wing provocateur "will make a difference" in how some Senate Republicans "approach things."

    So why is it, exactly, that Horowitz is palling around the Sessions, Rumsfeld, and RNC members?

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