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View Diary: LA Times asks, "Oh, for goodness' sake, will this never stop?" (148 comments)

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    your opinion on this.  It is sad that people justify hatred of people in certain groups and cloak love of violence by dismissing the comments as bigoted, racist, anti-something.  They don't have the courage to face that they are promoting hate and injustice.  Someone always pays for their refusal to take a stand against tyranny.  
    We are having the same problem in our family.  "Loyalty", even though it results in the slow, painful death of an innocent child, is much more important than justice, morals, values.  Principaled (sp?) love does not even enter their warped minds.  I may love you more than life itself, but if you are dangerously wrong I must speak out and take appropriate action to advance the protection of innocents and the promotion of justice.  Whether or not I know the victims personally.

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