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View Diary: As Fundies Die Off, the Religious Left Grows (139 comments)

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    The non-religous left IS growing, though.  AND the religious left is growing.  It's not a one-or-the-other scenario here.

    Basically it works like this:  A conservative religious person believes BOTH of the following two things:

    A: Their religion is factually correct.
    B: Their religion instructs people to behave in ways that are in line with right-wing political views.

    People who start off thinking that way but then come to change their minds and want to move to the left MUST drop at least one of the two above things - A and/or B.  They can either continue to believe their religion is correct but that they were wrong about it being right-wing, or they can continue to believe their (former) religion is right-wing but that it has the facts wrong so they don't have to keep following it.

    And basically, some people are taking the path of dropping A and others are taking the path of dropping B.  That's how you can get BOTH the religious left AND the nonreligious left growing.

    I take this news as a mixed blessing because as hateful as the fundamentalists are, a lot of the hateful stuff they say is in the bible IS IN FACT actually in the bible (and a lot more even WORSE stuff than even they admit to), and it seems that pretending those horrible things aren't in there isn't really addressing them head-on.

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