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  •  Nah, I'm still a "freak" (3+ / 0-)
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    (As a side note I debated, and re-edited several times, over whether to use that specific word in my comment.  In the end I didn't, though we bore it as badge of honor back then, because I thought it might have fallen out of currency enough to now be offensive and misunderstood. I can see that it may be an important shibboleth to identify those who actually were vs poseurs.)

    I am still what I always was, but my life's journey has led me down many very conventional, unhippie-ish, pathways, so I've interacted with people of my generation who have changed into corporate cogs and anxious dollar-chasers. Those I can probably accept the easiest, since that is simple greed, venal but trivial.

    It's when I rub up against people who I thought were DFHs but who now are right wing idiots that I just shake my head in disgust.  It's the intellectual hypocrisy of this group that sticks in my craw.

    It's particularly galling to find women, usually now quite comfortably placed, who vocally disavow the hard struggles we went through to get the fairly modest improvements brought about by Feminists. Those "sisters" I just want to smack.

    (Sorry it's hot, my cat is sick and I'm worried so my normally tranquil temperament is on hiatus.)

    But my freak flag has never been furled, even though there have been times when it must have looked odd in the environment(s) I was in.  Now I'm too old to care what anyone thinks about the incongruity. Hell, I've turned my deeply conservative (in the small "c'" sense), Republican, military supporting, MBA husband into a solar energy worker, so I must be doing something right.

    My former hippie-chickness is just about my isolation in a deep red world in very rural upstate NY. There's no hippie tribe to speak of near me - except for one or two fairly debilitated stoned-all day hold outs. Even back in the 60's the rock 'n roll and sex interested me, but never the drugs.

    But fortunately even on my creaky internet connection, there's still DailyKos to keep me sane.


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