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View Diary: President Obama addresses Trayvon Martin killing (335 comments)

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  •  Fox News gets it wrong so fast (6+ / 0-)

    Sense if a white male teen involved in same scenario:

    Pres says  "outcome and aftermath MIGHT have been different"
    Fox (Gregg Jarrett) says immediately after that, that the Pres said   "outcome and aftermath WOULD have been different"

    Fox just give up, you are horrible even during the day when you are supposedly a news organization.
     You misquote the President and then you say the President has suggested the Prosecution, local police, and jury was racist  and ask if the President is "stoking " racial tension.

    You Fox guys need to lose your license to broadcast for a while.

    I hope someone posts the video.

     I am very proud of our President for what he said.

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