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View Diary: Roundup: Reactions to Obama's remarks on Trayvon Martin (195 comments)

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  •  I say drones (0+ / 0-)

    really are those guys going to be able to even see the drones that are gonna be taking them out if they start shooting? I sat next to a corpulant guy about 55 on an aiplane this week who told be that the reasons I was free was on account of his sacrifice in Nam. I said I didn't feel so free. I had just walked the security gaunlet in the airport and that didn't free free. I was told in grade school by a bunch of teachers who loved J Edgar Hoover that America was free and the USSR wasn't on  because we could go anywhere we wanted without an ID or asking permission. His mouth fell open a bit. Then he started telling be about his arsnal at home and got all come and take it. I said that he wouldn't even know what hit him if he was targeted by a drone. And that everything he said or posted and everywhere he went was being recorded - just how free did that feel? I just didn't want to hear him get into the Obama shit so I kept on about exactly how free I felt and how we beat the Terrorists. Showed em good. I said we're so scared we are willingly in prison. How free is that? Anyway that's a gun toter that is eventually going to die of a heart attack if he were ever to be faced with standing up to the enemy. Only if he could secretly do something would he. But he wants that ol race war to begin so he can shoot somebody just like he wants to shoot any and all Arabs. Better yet he wants his neighbors kid to do it.

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