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View Diary: Obama's "Trayvon Speech" Accomplished Exactly What He Set Out To Do (136 comments)

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    Ian Reifowitz, mwm341

    I'm starting to believe that the powers of the President, and one might add especially of this President, are yet limited. Even Andrew Jackson couldn't do everything he wanted.

    So, faced with his choices, he has been strong on social issues, weak on energy, banks, justice, guantanamo..ononandonandon... his powers are limited. Fact. His hands are tied.

    So he does what he can where he can.  At the end of the day, it's all you can do. If you go to prosecute the banks and they tell you to shove it, what, as president, can you do?

    The answer is "appeal to the bully pulpit".  He did not do that with the banks, except to finalize the massive bailout. He did not do that.

    He is doing it now with his rhetoric, appealing to the bully pulpit about race. Bringing it all out, like a big, festering sore, if facebook is any indication.

    Its about time, but it appears to be him against the new judicial system, under the Roberts courts, with the GOP appointment stalls.

    So he is a pretty wise guy, dodging a shit ton of flak for us. But his powers are limited.

    Ours are not, however. We are the American People, and when we speak with a clear voice, we speak louder than any politician.

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