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View Diary: Detroit bankruptcy on hold, Snyder admin. smacked down by judge for "cheating good people who work" (267 comments)

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  •  His opponent sucked... (0+ / 0-)

    He was a left-wing darling outside the state. Inside the state everyone (and I mean everyone) despised him for being pro-Matty Moroun. For non-Michiganders, Matty Moroun is a billionaire who owns the for-profit Ambassador Bridge. He's completely obsessed with tearing it down and replacing it with a new bridge, to the point he does things like bulldoze city roads without permission ("accidentally" cutting off local businesses from traffic). When it became clear the Canadians weren't stupid enough to put up with his shenanigans he tried to amend the state Constitution to ban the Canadian plan. That failed, but last I'd heard he had bribed enough Tea Partiers in the State Senate to torpedo the Canadian project, despite the fact the Canadians were paying for 100% of it.

    IIRC this idiot was pro-Moroun until the day after the primary, and then had a change of heart. But nobody believed him.

    It doesn't matter how much Snyder screws the unions, he's less of a corporate tool then anyone who has ever spent an hour in Matty Moroun's company without vomiting.

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