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  •  My Favorite Olympic Moment Was Back In The 70s (4+ / 0-)
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    I've looked for the YouTube clip for hours and can't find it. Of course the marathon is the last event of the Olympics and it ends in the Stadium before the closing ceremonies.

    Everybody else had finished like hours before and out of nowhere he guy comes staggering, I mean literally staggering into the Stadium. The announcers were like who is this guy?

    He had long ago stopped running I'd say and was just trying to get to the finish line. People went out to try to help him and he waved them off, cause he didn't want to be disqualified. Often it was like a step forward and two backwards. He couldn't seem to raise his arms above his waist.

    By the end I kid you not, he was crawling.

    But he did finish!

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