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View Diary: "The Grand Old Man": Memories of a Famous Season. George Blanda and the 1970 Raiders (70 comments)

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    Blanda is Football's all time leading scorer, at 2002.

    He only missed 16 extra points in regular season play, but is perfect for 49 or 49 in post season play.  (That's what a clutch player does)

    He set a record with the Oilers for most passes attemted in a single game in 1961...he threw 64 some passes in one game.  Dan Marino finally surpassed that number of pass attempts in one game in 1984.

    He holds the record for number of interceptions in one season.  42 times he was intercepted in 1962.  But he threw so often, and connected often enough, that he led the Oilers to a championship that same year.

    He really was, in many ways, the precursor for what would later be called the vertical offense, or West Coast offense.  Football, circa 1961, was three yards and a cloud of dust.  It was mostly about running and blocking.

    Blanda opened it up, and threw with abandon.  He set the stage for many quarterbacks who would follow him, and it took NFL defenses at least a decade to really figure out how to defend against it.

    I don't remember his Oiler years...I was too young.  But by the time he landed with Oakland, Father Time was an icon.

    He wasn't weird or quirky like so many of the other players in that era.  He was just solid.  Like a rock.  Dependable.  And capable of pulling a rabbit out of his hat when the occasion called for it.  A stalwart.  The adult in the room.  A journeyman.  A  player.  A real player.  With more grit than ego.

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