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  •  Those defending torture are part of the problem (4.00)
    Billmon is right.  We shouldn't be happy that we're not "as bad as {insert most exaggerated bad guy here}."

    The point is that, before this administration, the U.S., despite its warts, was a far better place.  No more.  

    What's worse, this effectively gives a green light to torture of our soldiers when they are captured in future wars.  We will have no -- absolutely no -- moral basis to insist that our soldiers should be treated according to the Geneva Conventions.  

    Only someone who truly doesn't understand the military could make this mess happen.  Only someone who never had to face consequences.  Only someone like Bush and Cheney and Gonzales.

    And these are the ones who are viewed as "supporting the troops?!!"  

    It makes me sick.

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