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  •  Better safe than sorry (none)
    that seems to be their argument.  Guantanamo is not making us safe, why can't they understand this?  Is it sheer craziness or knee-jerk partisanship?

    I can tell we must have forgotten our own history.  Our Constitution was specifically made "innocent until proven guilty," not the opposite.

    What color are your pajamas?

    by Unstable Isotope on Thu Jun 16, 2005 at 06:19:14 PM PDT

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    •  the constitution ain't for foreigners (none)
      There are also a lot of people being held indefinitely because they entered the US with bad visas or visa disputes.  They are not technically "in" the US, but there is one of these prisons in NY that is legally not in the country.
      Since there isn't any way to resolve the cases, and the non-citizens aren't charged with anything, they wait there.  Conditions are said to be much worse than official US prisons.
      source: Village Voice article several years ago.

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