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  •  You're not alone, Mike (4.00)
    I feel exactly the same way.  I think part of my reaction is simple frustration over my not being to figure out what BushCo is thinking with these policies.  

    Are they racist pricks who just like to torture people who don't look like them?

    Do they really believe in the rapture, and that it won't matter what they do?

    Have they convinced themselves that they're actually doing America a service, and they literally don't see how much their actions will hurt us for generations?

    If I had to bet my lunch money, I'd say it's the last one--they're deluded morons who don't understand the ramifications of their actions.

    I guess that's what you get when you have a doofus puppet president and a group of corporate automatons pulling his strings.

    •  To be honest what the admin (4.00)
      is doing is not my biggest rage inducer. Our government has been doing this since the earliest days.

      What enrages me is the fact that more people aren't enraged. I might even take saddened. Hell, some of them think it's funny.

      I've told this story before. My father was an advisor over in Vietnam in the early 60's. In 1994 he was in the last stages of cancer. Very little time left. So one night over drinks I asked him what he did in Vn. He told me it was still clasified so he couldn't tell me. But he got a very sad, pained look in his eyes and said, "but I knew everything we were doing over there." That was it. But the look on his face told me everything I needed to know about him.

      He was a man who very much believed in this country. He came from a very poor family, they had an outhouse until he was 15 in Minnisota, and knew the great things this country had. He also knew the horrible things we have done and it pained him greatly.

      These days there is no concience. Instead it's a joke. To me this is the hardest thing to take, moreso than any other thing the current GOP has done. It tears me right down to my soul.

      •  Just to be clear (none)
        I do not in any way excuse my government for what they are doing. Just acknowleging that it is a fact of our history. But I expect more from our people. I expect them to see the inherent evil that this is and act accordingly.

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