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  •  Here's the proof to the contrary (5+ / 0-)

    Also neuroscientist Jill Taylor's "My Stroke of Insight."

    She experienced and recovered from a massive stroke in the cognitive hemisphere of her brain.

    She reports the enormous euphoria experienced via her non-cognitive hemisphere having no competition until her recovery.  You will recognize it from reports of near-death experiences:  Total love, no boundaries between people or things, etc.  She had to struggle not to just follow the siren call, but rather fight to recover the cognitive half.

    So:  That's what your brain experiences when the cognitive side goes down for the count.  And it happened to her in a non-near-death experience that lasted months.

    Plus I could swear I recall someone once reporting those astral travel, hovering above body experiences.  Reportedly, during one of them, he decided to count the petals on a flower in a vase he was viewing from an angle not available to his physical body, so he could verify or disprove that he had traveled outside his body.  On returning to the normal sphere, he checked his petal count and discovered--oops--no flower bouquet there at all.

    •  The bouquet was in another dementia nt (3+ / 0-)
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    •  It's also a (0+ / 0-)

      common experience in seizures which are basically an electrical storm in your brain.  All your neurons are more or less signaling each other simultaneously creating the experience of everything being one and interconnected.  That doesn't entail everything is one and interconnected.  It just means your neurochemistry has played a trick on you.  It's similar to many hallucinogenic experiences.  Hallucinagenics, of course, are a material substance.  How could a material substance produce such effects unless mind itself were material.

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