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View Diary: Bill Maher rips into the GOP's anti-intellectuals with advanced degrees (116 comments)

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  •  That which is asserted without evidence can be (0+ / 0-)

    dismissed without evidence.  "Experiencer" is not at all the same as a scientist with equipment recording data.  You cannot put them on the same level.  (You do, but I reject it.)  I'm sorry that you are insulted that I used that voice for the sake of humor, but realize what it says about your degree of credulity and those of the "experiencers".

    •  So, what exactly is "humorous" (0+ / 0-)

      ... about depicting people who have had near-death experiences as ignorant yokels when they are not?  What is the "joke"?

      Because when people depict those who disagree with them as stupid morons, it is NEVER intended as anything other than harmless fun!  Right?

      I’m sorry, but I don’t accept this tactic from Republican politicians, and I won’t accept it here:  Insulting and attacking the characters of those who disagree in the form of “humor”;  then, when called on such cheap behavior, claiming it was all a “joke” and attacking the victims even further by implying they just don’t have a sense of humor.  And issuing a condescending non-apology:  “I’m sorry if you felt insulted …”

      I guess I can do it too:  

      SCIENTIST:  “Duuuh!  I yam so rashunul and sciuntifick!  Derrr der der!”  [falls down an open manhole]  I yam so sooperiur to peepul who aren’t as smart and rashunal as me!”  [steps in front of a moving bus]

      Ha ha!  Wasn’t that funny?  It was just a joke!  I’m sorry if you felt insulted by it.

      Just to let you know:  Studies -- and yes, there have been studies, by real, actual scientists at real, actual universities -- have found that people who have had near-death experiences tend to be above average in intelligence.  They tend to rate more psychologically healthy than average when given a battery of assessment tools.  

      And far from sounding like caricatures of religious fundamentalists, their views of dogmatic organized religion tend to be more negative than average.   And far from being anti-science, they tend to share a fascination with science, and with learning in general.  

      All that is congruent with the people I’ve actually met and known who have had near-death experiences.  They are some of the best and brightest people I’ve had the privilege to know in terms of intellegence, common sense, integrity, humility …

      The experiencers I’ve worked with as a therapist -- (on other issues, specifically in the domestic violence field) -- definitely seem to do better than average in therapy, and to have some indefinable edge when it comes to inner resources and resiliance.

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