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View Diary: Ex-NSA Chief Michael Hayden is SO mad at Snowden... (167 comments)

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    First, the low hanging fruit:

    French agriculture... cheese...

    simply complying with American law... anything secret...

    Many posts above have clearly illuminated the vacuousness of Hayden's smashmouth politics.

    And this part omitted from the post above:

    Snowden has thrust into public view sensitive and controversial espionage activities
    Again, espionage in accordance with American law – in overseas operations. So should we take from this diatribe that Hayden means all your laws belong to us?

    Hayden arrogates to himself such authoritative fist pounding impudence delivered with mind bogglingly stupid argumentation. He is not doing his cause any favors with this weak rough draft of an editorial.

    Hayden a disgrace? Chah!

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