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View Diary: Florida lawmakers Standing up against 'Stand Your Ground' (25 comments)

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  •  Very good news that this law has come.. (3+ / 0-)
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    ..full circle (hopefully back to seriously questioning it - that is):

    We saw a parade of hypotheticals by those who opposed this... What's important is the message it sends, and that's, 'don't attack me.'" - National Rifle Association lobbyist Marion Hammer, comment to The Tallahassee Democrat, 5/12/2005
     - emphsis added
    And there were not a few arguing that the only problem with the law was that people "misunderstood it" and were improperly interpreting its wonderfulness

    Even the "authors" (shills for NSA/ALEC) knew that there would killers who should have been arrested , the scene treated as a crime scene, for pursuing and killing, as in Trayvon Martin's case.

    Instead (because of the immunity statute of the SYG instructions)  were assumed to have the right to kill first and ask questions - to late - when a real investigation of the facts and evidence has already been deeply compromised.

    Compromised not just on the material evidence but also, in the minds of the police, jurors as instructed, and now even people's memories of it (RWHJ's mostly).

    Thx jamess for this - hope the lawmakers abolish this law amd that boycotts really put some hurt where it counts.

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