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  •  I'm sorry, but I don't believe him (4+ / 0-)

    or agree with this at all.  At best, this is projection gone awry.

    At the very least, it's like what fou has said:

    Such an argument assumes that those who may object to certain words or phrases that may or may not be freighted with racist baggage are incapable of thinking two things at once and that such people are not themselves critical of any of Obama's policies. Such an argument is ridiculous on its face.
    This is the key right here.  The one thing that I have EVER agreed with Rush Limbaugh on is based on a commercial he pushed a long time ago that start like this:
    "People judge you by the words you use."
    Not only was Limbaugh right, it is the truth.  Especially when you take the time to write it out because a great deal of energy and thought goes into writing things than just saying them.  This is crux of the problem and why many get put off which leads to some thinking that Obama is being given a pass.

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