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View Diary: No Place Left for Principled Debate? (A clarifying UPDATE) (152 comments)

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  •  In fact, there have been several (3+ / 0-)
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    articles on how the immigration bill includes components that (1) make path to citizenship a decade or more long process (if ever) while (2) adding more layers of power to the security state

    This is not even getting into the corporate give aways in the bill, etc

    So, as  someone with a Latin background, I find Kos's position on the subject extremely counter productive

    The entire frame is a false one to describe this as white privilege  if one is concerned about the police state powers that are arising in this c ountry

    •  Like you, I definitely don't support (2+ / 0-)

      what I've seen in the immigration bill. In fact, a friend of mine just went to DC about a month or two ago as part of coalition of Progressive Democrats. He met with the President, and he did not have anything nice to say about the current proposals when he came home. His concerns struck me as extremely valid since I've always known him to be a very intelligent, albeit young, activist who is extremely motivated to reform the deportation and documentation process. It left me troubled. But that's beyond the scope of this diary.

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      by mahakali overdrive on Sat Jul 20, 2013 at 12:16:59 PM PDT

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      •  And the scary part is as conservative (4+ / 0-)

        as the Senate bill is, the House version will be even more conservative as far as path to citizenship and the security state issues (again not even including how bat shit its likely to be with the corporate giveaways)

        I wish I could find that argument on the subject- It was over at Naked Capitalism as a link, but I don't remember more than that

        •  We need to really keep discussing this (0+ / 0-)

          in a more public conversation. I see a lot of people ready to accept this bill. But this isn't what will move the arc of social justice in a positive direction, nor will it reduce the kinds of social justice and human rights issues that we're currently facing. And we're all complicit in this if we don't speak up on behalf of those who literally have no voice in our system.

          So I want to suggest that we really use our lungs, and that we not cave on this, and that we explain what a good immigration bill looks like. That's crucial. This is a place for a certain level of idealism because such major reform needs to happen. In this case, the Democratic Party holds a pretty good ace card in that Latinos are a growing, yet coveted, vote, and a majority would support a more comprehensive immigration reform bill (in most cases; I'm not stereotyping but speaking from stats that I've read on the matter over the years). We're foolish to throw that leverage away when it concerns what is a human rights issue.

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          by mahakali overdrive on Sun Jul 21, 2013 at 06:03:38 PM PDT

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