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  •  I Don't Often Mention This Here (15+ / 0-)

    cause it is kind of sad and positive at the same time. My grandfather was a small town rural doctor. Far, far right. Heck a racist. But alas he took his medical oath seriously and before Roe vs. Wade it wasn't even really a secret that if a women needed an abortion, well just to talk to him.

    For him the highest "law" was the health of a patient. I know he was against abortion, but alas not if that was what the patient wanted and/or needed.

    Heck after he passed away and my father and I were cleaning out his office their was this file cabinet with all these note cards. Some short hand.

    I asked what they were. He asked if I recall folks coming over to his house when I was a kid bring fried chicken. Tomatoes from their garden. A pie.

    I said yes.

    He said those were people that couldn't afford to pay him in cash, so they paid him the only way they could. That he would NEVER turn somebody away that needed medical care.

    I can only hope there are more people out there like my grandfather and women that need care will be able to get it.

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