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View Diary: #Sequstergate: Conjugal Visits Unsupervised During #ZimmermanTrial (103 comments)

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    5. If the trial is going to be over a couple of days, some judges make arrangements for the jurors to have contact with their family in the evening. This will go a long way in keeping the jury's mood positive. This often can be done by arranging for a couple of hours where jurors may visit with their family at the hotel. The deputies should meet with the visitors prior to contact and instruct them they are not to ask the juror about the trial or discuss the case. Some judges provide that the deputies do not have to be present during the visit, but the jurors must always be under the supervision and custody of the deputies. See State v. Leisure, 810 S.W.2d 560 (Mo. App. 1991).

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