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View Diary: LGBT history -- Going down on the Lusitania (44 comments)

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  •  since homosexuality was considered criminal (13+ / 0-)

    at worst and shameful at best - if not to the people involved or their friends and close relations - so long as the nature of the relationship was kept circumspect - strangers were not allowed (nor did they feel it ethical) to label a relationship as homosexual without (or even with) hard evidence, unless that relationship was already an element of the subject's criminality, rebellion, or heresy.

    There have always been sexless marriages among hets, though the presumption is otherwise. Same sex couples of the past - were they uniformly sexual - of course not - any more than all het couples - but were they usually - of course they were. It seems to me we can include among the gay community those who live as though they were gay, that is, in loving companionship with a person of their own sex. It will hardly balance out all those who lived as though they weren't gay but were.

    So, thanks for the light on Lee & Henry.

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