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View Diary: 17-Year-Old Who Blew The Lid Off Racial Profiling W/iPod (117 comments)

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  •  That NYPD traffic cop has a fine son in Alvin... (16+ / 0-)

    A fine Department, not so much. I have worked 25+ years in the streets of LA, in a black & white patrol car. (I can't do the indoor desk/suit thing). The first 20 years were in the roughest parts of LA; nothing but gang wars, and the resulting mayhem. Did I see behavior similar to what these recorded cops did? Yes, but infrequently. I usually dressed down officers who did this, in private, after the incident.
      We have an excellent resource book, called "The California Peace Officer's Legal Sourcebook". It is updated many times annually, depending on recent court decisions/case law, and addresses the constitutionality of  nearly everything a peace officer may encounter on a shift. Luckily, my training officer; both very streetwise and educated, ingrained that book into me from day one. Consensual encounters, stop and frisk, probable cause for arrest, etc. Knowing case law will keep your arrests valid, and keep you out of trouble, and keep you mindful of violating someone's civil rights.                                                                     We never did this type of shit NYPD is doing. We were out for good felony arrests, not to harass, or intimidate. I always have studied various types of martial arts since the age of 19, and kept myself in great shape. Martial arts taught me "The calm". I never felt much fear, or a feeling of having to lash out at people on the street. Many people I encountered on the street were parolees, some of whom did extended time. Some were prone to recidivism, some really did clean up their act. If you work as a street cop, you better learn to give respect, or you will get none in return. It has served me well. One instance, I was in a scuffle with a really, really large, suspect, who was going to jail for assault. It was rough, as he was on meth as well, and my backup units were about 2 minutes out. (My partner had called in sick, so I was on my own). Wonder who helped me subdue and handcuff the suspect? Two gang members, one of who I had arrested on a dope-slinging charge 2 years before. He did his bullet and was working a legit job. Out in LA, cops get green-lighted by prison gangs for this type of disrespectful policing. One guy I worked with for about a week did, for slamming some parolee against the car hood in front of his wife and kids. I about kicked his ass for that.  I drove to the station after dusting the parolee off and apologizing, and told my supervisor I refused to work with him anymore, and he got moved indoors, and was transferred out of the unit.
      As I sat here listening to Alvin's recording, I think to myself, "What the fuck are these wanna-be Made Men trying to accomplish by alienating good kids?" Those are exactly the type of kids I embrace and mentor. One kid who had just jumped into a gang, but hadn't committed any high crimes yet, I had a long talk with one night. I wound up suggesting military service to him, like I had done at the same age. About a year later, I got a disturbance call of several males drinking and playing loud music in an alley. Guess who was there, home on leave, in his Marine Corp dress blues? Yep, and I got a big hug from that Marine, and a" Thank You".
      I hear a lot of stress, anger, and fear in those cop's voices as they fucked with Alvin. Maybe they could make more money as mob enforcers, because they certainly do not deserve to wear that badge. I know gang members who could a better job, and with whom I would rather tip a beer with. My suggestion to those cugs (cop thugs), is get some counseling, Learn Transcendental Meditation. (It really works, even in the front seat of a patrol car between high-risk incidents to calm down). I would not recommend martial arts at this time for these two, as you have no patience at this time, and certainly could not take direction from a Sensei, especially if he/she may be younger than you guys. I fear that your personality types may be the kind that go to the bar after your shifts to wind down. Please just stop it. New York City deserves much, much better.
      NYPD: You need to stop this stop and frisk shit, and the stupid 250 forms, and the pressure to harass that you place on many good officers. That type of shit isn't community-based policing, it is lowbrow gestapo tactics. Just for "stats".  You will make more felony arrests for high-grade felonies when you quit the occupation tactics. Your officers will even develop informants in the most unlikely of places, in the worst neighborhoods. Suspects have even come to me to turn themselves in for murder and robberies, because, "You always treated me cool, you know like man. With respect". Oh yeah, one more thing; stop the minor marijuana possession citation bullshit. You let some teenagers or young adults with no records off with their small stash one time; you might get an amazing witness to a murder or something heavy at a later date. I'm just sayin'. Thank you for bringing this video to light; hopefully, it can be the beginnings of change on PD's all across the country; and better psychological screening.
      Apologize for the extended comment and the line typos, SSK

    "Hey Clinton, I'm bushed" - Keith Richards

    by Santa Susanna Kid on Sun Jul 21, 2013 at 12:38:26 PM PDT

    •  Wow. (4+ / 0-)

      I wish there were more like you.  

      I'm own old white guy, and most of my encounters with police have been positive or at least well-deserved.  But when the occupy protests began, I saw a completely different side.  Cops all dressed up for war, intolerant, and eager to bash someone.  Lots with their badges covered up.  Scared the hell out of me.  I went to a meeting where there were a lot of black guys and they laughed and it said it was like that all the time for them.  

      I'm still mad about Nixon.

      by J Orygun on Sun Jul 21, 2013 at 05:38:30 PM PDT

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