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View Diary: 17-Year-Old Who Blew The Lid Off Racial Profiling W/iPod (117 comments)

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  •  waste of money? (13+ / 0-)

    As with everything else in America, what is driving this is profits.  The cops on this tape are very clear about that.  It's what the war on drugs is all about.  Arresting people who are doing nothing wrong is known as "collars for dollars".  As a cop you get to go to court for each arrest and make overtime.  This can mean making $150K a year  even in a small city like Schenectady, NY (which got its police corruption on the big screen in the recent The Place Beyond the Pines).  If you make your quotas, you get promoted, as they say in the video.  

    Being a cop can be very lucrative.  But the amount you make is not in any way correlated to the safety of your community.  And normally it isn't "your" community.  You live in the suburbs and go into the city and arrest and harass young non white people.  And have no problem saying things like "I'll break your arm".  

    It would be a waste of money if the goal was to make our neighborhoods safe.  That is not the goal.  The goal is profit.  And it is working very very well for a very few.  if all of our neighborhoods were safe, there would be no one to lock up in for profit prisons and no money to be made.   And we can't have that.  

    I know of two different friends who were the victims of crime in my city.  When the cops responded they told the victim, "you should move out of this city".   The cops have no incentive to make the city safer.  They don't live there.  And they make money from the crime.  And they can't really be blamed.  Because if they speak up they are done.  This is no different than wall street.   Or DC.  Or any large company.  The game is rigged.   And if you point that out, expect to spend some time in a cell with guys like Snowden or Manning.

    From my experience, cops sure as hell wouldn't live somewhere that required  "public servants" to protect them.  They know better.    

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