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View Diary: 17-Year-Old Who Blew The Lid Off Racial Profiling W/iPod (117 comments)

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    To provide a little perspective:  the impression many may have is that these stops and frisks occur after dark and are targeted at young people who look like trouble.  This is not the case.  For years, stop and frisk was used at subway stops in minority areas during the morning rush hour.  Black and Latino men going to work in the morning were regularly put through the stop and frisk routine.  Granted, they use a slightly different justification because you are in the subway system (ie, they can randomly check people's bags), but the effects are the same.  I confess I do not know if they still do this, but it was common practice as late as 2000.  I had co-workers who were subjected to this regularly.

    Additionally, we should not underestimate (not saying anyone here is doing) the emotional effect of being treated in this manner.  The sense of injustice and inner rage that being treated in this manner causes has a deliterious effect on one's well-being.  And it can have the lingering effect of perceiving police as another criminal to avoid, which renders the citizen without any sense of protection whatsoever.  This is not just about a momentary injustice, but is a challenge to one's sense of autonomy and dignity.

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      wronged by police do find themselves in trouble, they probably won't even consider dialing 911. I think if there weren't so many racist cops, Trayvon might have hung up and dialed 911 instead. Might have been able to save his life. Would have given him a voice in the fight for justice if it didn't.

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