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View Diary: George Zimmerman, White Supremacy and Black and Brown Criminality: It’s Much More than Racism (12 comments)

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  •  He is also half so-called "white" on his father's (1+ / 0-)

    side (either, Irish, German, Polish, etc. to be specific).  His ethnicity includes the "accepted" ethnic group by the USA, so he is half.  

    This ugly one drop rule attempts to do one thing, label you TAINTED!  Children of mix ethnicities have a right to identify with both sides of the parental tree (GGG is too far off to be half this or that).  Of course their phenotype identifies their PHYSICAL characteristics but it does not change the fact that you come from two ethnic cultures.  Who wrote the law in having to choose one side? And why do people have to abide by such silliness?

    What is this "Brown skin" term?  Not every "hispanic" likes the term.  Color coding is just as offensive to many as is using race as a scientific fact.  Do people mean tan or Native, and in his case Native Peruvian?  The assumption that every hispanic is brown is also misleading.  There are Black Hispanics from many ethnicities/nations who do not fall under this "Brown" color coding category and many other's who are of euro descent without any native or african in their family tree.  

    Yes his phenotype is dominated by his maternal ethnic side, but he is not a REPRESENTATIVE of Hispanics, yet this is accomplished by calling him "brown".  That's like saying an Irish, Italian or French is a representative of a German.

    Having a Black G-Granfather does not prevent anyone from being a racist, and I question the afro-ness on his mother's side.  His uncle look 1000% Native, and so does his mother.  Their attempt to self promoted this Afro claim imo was to eliminate the racial charge.  

    Starting a business (must of failed) with an AA partner does not exclude one from being racist towards black youths either.  We all know who he married.

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