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View Diary: George Zimmerman, White Supremacy and Black and Brown Criminality: It’s Much More than Racism (12 comments)

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    all of this info about George Zimmerman. Do you know him personally or are you repeating what his supporters have put out? I ask because I know that there is significant  racism in South American countries (by brown as well as white people) toward their Afro-Latino populations. Knowing someone who is black doesnt mean you are not racist. Some weeks ago I read a diary on this site written by a person who was recalling a racial incident involving his parents from way back in the fifties but still remains in his memories.  His point was that this incident was so incongrous with the parents he knew to have paid for the education of several black students in their town.

    I have witnessed extraordinary racism in Brazil and I have read about it in Columbia through the writings of Nobel Prize author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. To believe anything good about George Zimmerman feelings on race, I would want more proof than the laudatory remarks of those who wanted to see him go free in his murder case. Do you also know that one of his teenage cousins accused him of raping her and his family swept it under the rug? Include that in your rant.

    "Where do we go from here, chaos or community?" - MLK

    by Aint Supposed to Die a Natural Death on Mon Jul 22, 2013 at 06:51:21 AM PDT

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