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View Diary: More bad news for McConnell: He's getting a primary challenge (19 comments)

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    Aunt Pat

    McTurtle has not one but two antagonists, coming at him from opposite directions. Makes it hard to defend, doesn't it?
    I hope this guy really guts Mitch then loses to Allison.
    That would shake thing up in the Senate!
    And make the war between the TeaBaggers and the rest of the GOP an all out, knock down, drag out brawl.
    As it is, I believe that McTurtle has lost half his caucus to  Grampy McShame, choosing to stick with the TeaBaggers (in the vain hope of heading off this exact challenge). Now he has to fight Right and Left!

    If I ran this circus, things would be DIFFERENT!

    by CwV on Sun Jul 21, 2013 at 01:17:56 PM PDT

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