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View Diary: President Obama: One of the worst Presidents ever (126 comments)

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  •  I blame the arms race on Truman (3+ / 0-)
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    Mr Robert, WB Reeves, gffish

    Truman is a generally overrated president, IMO. Domestically, he seemed to favor a militarization of public life which I find creepy, at best. In terms of foreign policy, he was handed a delicate situation with regards to the post-war world which would have been difficult for anyone. But even with that in mind, Truman didn't do a very impressive job, adopting an aggressive approach when a gentler touch was called for, and vice versa.

    JFK was more of a mixed bag. His domestic policies were generally good, but his foreign policy was a mixed bag: he handled the Cuban missile crisis adroitly, but his larger policy towards Cuba was a disaster. And he escalated the situation in Vietnam from the cautious, limited intervention begun under Eisenhower to what would eventually become a full-scale war.

    Personally, I still consider Andrew Jackson our worst president. The forced deportations were bad enough, but what really upsets me about him was his snubbing his nose at the SCOTUS when they tried to stop it. The entire concept of the imperial presidency can be traced back to that. Woodrow Wilson was another disaster of a president, IMO. Reagan's in the running, too, as is Bush II.

    •  I forgot to add... (1+ / 0-)
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      I actually don't consider Truman a truly awful president. He was the wrong man at the wrong time, but he did accomplish some great things (like integrating the military). I'd probably rank him as more bad than good, but, on the whole, he's somewhere in the middle.

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