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  •  I damn near died laughing at that Marvel series (12+ / 0-)

    The STORIES were fine - my God, the scripts were pretty much straight from the comics, and almost all the art was Kirby after he'd really learned to draw - but the animation was hilariously bad.   I was on the floor when there was an homage to it in The Incredibles, with Frozone shrieking "WHY AM I WHITE?" and Mr. Incredible saying "You're right, you're right, the rabbit bites."

    And of course years and years and years later I saw a reprint of some of the original comics that were cannibalized for the shitty animation, and suddenly it all made sense.....

    •  Early Marvel Animation (10+ / 0-)

      According to legend, artist and co-creator of Spider-Man Steve Ditko left Marvel because of a disagreement with Stan Lee over the Green Goblin.  Stan wanted the Spidey villian unmasked and revealed to be Rupert Osborne, the father of Peter Parker's best friend.  Ditko wanted the Goblin to be someone completely unknown to Peter and felt so strongly about it that he left the book and Marvel Comics.

      The truth of the matter, from what I've read, is that Steve was really upset about those badly-animated Marvel Heroes TV shows.  They were made by taking actual comic book panels and doing a bare minimum of manipulation to give a vague sense of motion.  That this worked as well as it did -- which admittedly wasn't very well -- is probably due to the dynamic arwork of Jack Kirby.

      But the point is that Jack wasn't getting paid for having his artwork recycled like that; nor were any of the other Marvel artists whose artwork were canibalized into hyper-limited animation.

      And that was the sticking point with Ditko.  He heard about a new Spider-Man cartoon in the works and resented that his artwork was going to be used but he wasn't going to see anything from it.

      As it happened, the Spider-Man series had better animation than the earlier Thor and Iron Man cartoons -- actual animation, rather than manipulated panel art -- but still the principle remained.  And Ditko may be considered a kook by some, but he is by God a principled kook.

      "All the World's a Stage and Everyone's a Critic." -- Mervyn Alquist

      by quarkstomper on Sat Jul 27, 2013 at 09:23:56 PM PDT

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      •  That *is* principled (6+ / 0-)

        Even though the Spider-Man cartoon, by Ralph Bakshi, was actually pretty good and didn't rip off either Ditko or Kirby.

        I'm pretty sure that Joe Simon and Jack Kirby had to sue Marvel to be credited as the actual creators of Captain America, pretty much the way that Siegel & Shuster had to sue to get their back royalties for creating Superman.  Makes me really glad that Joe Simon lived long enough to see the 2011 movie; reportedly he actually sat shiva when the character was (temporarily) killed off a few years earlier, which may seem excessive until you remember that Cap had been part of his life for something like 65 years at that point.....

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