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  •  Happy National Penuche Fudge Day! (10+ / 0-)

    I don't know what Penuche Fudge is but I'm solidly pro-fudge.

    It's National Fortune Cookie Day. What's the best fortune you ever got?
    Avoid a land war in Asia.
    Give an example of the sort of fortunes you would put inside fortune cookies for your friends and family.
    You may have some unfortunate genes, but you can always cut 'em off and make shorts.
    Do you think you could get a song stuck in other people's heads? What song?
    I believe I could. Allow me to demonstrate:

    How far have you ever walked in one day?
    I walked 14 miles at the Shilo battlefield park in Tennessee the day before I burned a hole in my tent with a cigar and got kicked out of the Scouts (wasn't really my tent, which seemed to exacerbate the situation). I later walked many miles on many days when I worked as a farm squad worker at Draper prison - but no one was measuring.
    Did you ever train an animal to do anything?
    Nothing very fancy, but my friend k9disc has a very cool post this morning about dog training. He's quite the master. I've been enjoying his Pawsitive Vybe posts very much. If you could spare a rec, he could use it. TYVM.

    Morning bombers (standard NSA disclaimer).

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