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  •  Has anyone watched any of the networks that have (0+ / 0-)

    attempted to have a "real" discussion about race?  Nothing ever feels real about it.  It's always the same talking points, where African Americans are extremely frustrated and white Americans are always agreeing and understanding of why.  I have yet to see one of these "real" discussions get uncomfortable.  No one is really ever challenged.  It was the same in college when professors attempted to have these types of discussions.  No one, especially on TV, is going to say or imply anything that could be construed as racist.  We can keep saying we want these conversations, but as long as people are in complete fear of wearing a scarlet R, no one is going to have an honest dialogue. See how quickly people are destroyed when racist behavior is spotted or words are heard.  Look at Paula Deen or Mel Gibson.  No one is going to be honest if they think it might destroy them.  Maybe there needs to be a different conversation when someone is identified as a racists.  Does it even matter if Zimmerman was/is a racist?  Would the outcome have been different?  What if his overriding motivation that night was to receive a pat on the back by the police for helping to catch a bad guy, even though he was/is racist?  What if his motivation in confronting Trayvon was to be there when the police arrived and Trayvon basically said, "not tonight--I'm done being treated like a criminal.  If you want to detain me, you better be ready to fight"?  That would have been my initial reaction. I guess we'll never really know what was in Zimmerman's mind that night.

    As an aside, I once asked what the world would look like if there was a test to prove/disprove if someone is truly racist.  Similar to a drug test--pee in a cup and minutes later you are clean or a racist.  Would the world really want this test?  Would anybody be willing to take it?  Would it destroy everything we believe we know and understand or would it support all of our beliefs?  Would all whites test positive as some believe?  Would everyone test positive?  Do we really want to know and understand who is a racist and does it really matter?  Personally, I think we, as a society, need to be less concerned with individual examples of racism and focus more on our laws and rules that negatively impact groups of people for no other reason than they belong to a certain group.  I really think most of us do not want to really know--that it's easier and better to go through life hoping our beliefs are correct rather than really have them tested.

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