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View Diary: U.S. CENTCOM General: If Kerry-led Peace Talks Fail, Israel May Become an "Apartheid" State (238 comments)

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    no new settlement have been initiated by the Israeli government, a claim I'm unable to check and that even if technically correct is weakened by Israeli governments' providing infrastructure support for new settlements established without "official" governmental support, it's even more significant to note the extent of government-supported construction of new settlement housing east of the separation barrier, that is, outside the so-called settlement blocks. The Peace Now report, Settlements & the Netanyahu Government:A Deliberate Policy of Undermining the Two-State Solution (pdf), documents the fact that

    under the Netanyahu government almost 40% of new construction starts were in isolated settlements, located east of the approved route of Israel’s separation barrier – as opposed to in “settlement blocs.” This is in stark contrast to previous years, when only 20% of construction in the settlements took place in settlements east of the barrier.
    (original emphasis)

    This construction does not mean that a two-states-for-two-peoples peace settlement is impossible. What one Israeli government sponsored or tolerated, another Israeli government can undo. But it makes achieving a peace settlement more difficult. For example it makes it more difficult for Palestinians to credit Israelis as a partner for peace, just as Palestinian terrorism, BDS directed at Israel (rather than the occupation), etc., send a similarly-dispiriting message to Israelis.

    Shalom v' salaam; peace and wholeness

    by another American on Mon Jul 22, 2013 at 11:21:54 AM PDT

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      I don't support ANY construction in the settlements. And I don't support BDS, either. (Most BDS people seem to be Onestaters and I don't see that happening.) And of course anyone who supports terrorism doesn't belong on this site.

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