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View Diary: The killing in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (11 comments)

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    marina, millwood

    Read it first on your site (one of my daily reads).

    This sounds more and more like a "suicide by police" case, although the details aren't entirely clear to me (were there children in the home, etc.).  Certainly, the man was troubled, but as I hear of more and more of these cases, it seems like stories of a trained police negotiator arriving at a non-violent resolution becomes more rare.  

    So, is that due to the militarization of local police forces, and boys wanting to play with their toys, or is there simply a lower threshold of desire (and the time involved) for reaching peaceable settlements of such cases?

    (BTW, bought and very much enjoyed your book.)

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    Any questions?

    by Richard Cranium on Mon Jul 22, 2013 at 10:06:23 AM PDT

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      Thank you, Richard. I agree that part of the problem is police eager to use all the tools on the truck. Another pop culture solution? How would Sheriff Taylor from Mayberry handled this?

      And thank you so much for being a regular reader! Your comments about reading my blog and my book thrill me.

      I mean it. It's always very satisfying to learn I'm reaching beyond my local circle, especially when I read you've enjoyed my book. I hope you'll share it and the blog whenever you find it worthy.



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