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    To me that is pretty easy: the world was becoming connected (due to the roman empire and other expansive empires).  As people learned a little more about the world around them, it seemed silly that norse gods ruled in the north, german gods over there, greek and persion gods to the east, roman gods here, egyptian gods down south, etc. etc..  The general feel that there should be only one predates christianity.  The nice thing about the pagans is they did not fight religious wars and kept their religion to themselves.  That was also their weakness when confronted with monotheism.

    Now throw on that the rise of the military dictatorship in rome and the increasing general feeling among the citizens that they were really emperors bitches and target practice for the army.  Imagine a world where the president only serves for 6 years or so, get assassinated, and is replaced by the assassin...  Imagine a world where reform of the army means they stop plundering roman cities and only plunder foreign cities.  People felt helpless and tuned out.  Monotheism gave them something to tune into.

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