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View Diary: A Friendly Reminder Concerning TM Assaulting GZ (376 comments)

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  •  I wanted to hit myself (10+ / 0-)

    when she said upright. I allways assumed she saw them on the ground.
    I don't know about the direction, but it is possible. Selena saw John coming outside and going back inside again. She may have seen the beginning of the physical altercation.

    John's description of what he saw doesn't make sense. Just check his drawing on page 4.
    John claims he only watched for about 8 to 10 seconds. In the drawing you see there is a position one and position 2. John claims Trayvon was on top in both positions, but he never explains how the change occurs. I've practiced judo for many years. Judo like jiu jitsu and wrestling, all include lots of ground fighting. What John is describing is not possible, with the person on top in control.
    There either was a rolling action from position 1 to 2. That would've put the person who was on the bottom in position one, on top in position 2.
    Or the person on top was trying to get up and away, but the person at the bottom was holding on to the person on top, and moved with the person on top, because he wanted to.

    An other big miss by the prosecution, GZ wrote on his gym application, that he wanted LE training. I am pretty sure, he worked real hard on how to ground a fleeing subject, and control the person, once that person hit the ground.

    I think what John saw, was GZ and Trayvon, just after GZ used a sacrifice throw technique, to get Trayvon on the ground. With a technique like that, you fall sideways or backwards to the ground, while pulling the other person with you. Some of these techniques have been prohibited in competitive judo, because of the high risk of injuries to the back of your head. The technique allows you to steer the person on top to fall in a certain direction, and gives you the momentum to roll towards a top position, once you and your opponent are on the ground.

    John may have seen that technique, where for a short period GZ would be on the bottom, but after the rolling action, he'd be on top. If you check John's second interview, he is not all that sure that the person on top in the second position was Trayvon.

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