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View Diary: A Friendly Reminder Concerning TM Assaulting GZ (376 comments)

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  •  Maybe z shot him by accident. His hollow point (0+ / 0-)

    loaded gun didn't have a safety.

    If Trayvon was on top of him and banging his head on the pavement, why is the top or TM's head more than 6' from the sidewalk?

    Two witnesses stated that the man and boy were standing when the shot was fired. Tm is retreating backwards, GM has a grip on his hoodle low and on the right, the gun and out close to TM's chest... boom. Maybe TM takes a swing at GZ while screaming in terror and GZ decides to put a bullet thru him.

    And witnesses put TM on top. Some put TM on the bottom and two say both adult and minor were standing when the shot was fired.

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