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View Diary: Allen West says he never experienced racism because he was 'respectful' (181 comments)

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  •  he did everything right (2+ / 0-)
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    marina, JeffW

    From "acting white" all his life to "doing what he had to do" in Iraq ... and he gets no respect for it.  Not from his own people nor from white liberals.  That's the root of his anger.

    Black conservatives like Allen West really truly hate "niggas" every bit as much as white racists do, even more because the culture at large simply assumes all black people are like that or at least cool with it.  Black conservatives come by their anti-liberalism as honestly as white conservatives: "Stop making excuses for those people!  And stop giving them money!"  They tend to be religious and culturally old-fashioned.

    West is an outlier only in the sense that he's actually a Republican.

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