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    A baby receives, unexpectedly, the ability to judge everything as a scientist, and a scientist is only truly achieved if, in your way of seeing things, such a level of progress (the third), which looks like a baby its objects research. The smaller children, less deductions do, because they have less general ideas from which to make use of deductive reasoning, and are therefore limited to examining more direct way as perceived, which is something normally loses as they grow, and can later recover if by efforts to ascend to the third level of progress, as in that aspect does a scientist, when in truth it is.

       The acquisition of knowledge and the use of the deductive method are, of course, in themselves reversals, are useful as guides to the truth probability, but only testing and experimentation, ie a posteriori knowledge of things, can confirm the hypothesis (though no confirmation is never perfect either). In contrast, the average individual is extremely common mistake of making deductions truths considered safe from error to generalize it takes for perfect.

       During the first level of progress, while the innocence of young children usually is such that if they are to people of different ethnic groups and economic levels make no distinction between them that favor or disfavor by considering their ethnicity or economic status, only usually make such distinctions in response to qualities, attitudes or treatment, for example, cheerfulness, affection or aggression. This is mainly because at a young age are not yet able to understand what it is which, and only react according to how they are perceived. Only take into account what people and dismissed altogether which is which.

       And this is exactly what they do normally also people who have reached this point in the third level of progress, but not because they are able to know what each person, but only because they have attained the knowledge that such labels are in too many cases very false, or in most cases the best inaccurate in excess, and that a much more accurate way to judge people is to see directly how they are.

       Meanwhile, most people, located on the second level of progress, usually does just the opposite: judge people simply on the flimsy basis of what they are playing what position in a company or association, or government office, or what hold academic or nobility, or what their level or popularity rating, etc..

       "From the moment a little boy is concerned with which is a jay and which is a sparrow, can no longer see the birds or hear them sing."
    Eric Berne

       If you approach a baby and tell him that you are the world's most famous singer or Miss Universe, react exactly as if you had not said anything like that, and you smile, cry or you will be indifferent, for example, only depending on the tone and gestures that you said that or some other features that you perceive directly. And that's one of the wisest ways to judge anyone.

       The above are other examples where ignorance of children's favors somewhat remarkably, and that then, if-laboriously reached the third level of progress, you can get to regain that form "ignorant" (free of bad influences of learning) so useful to proceed to judgment.

       In relation to the issue of ignorance and justice received in the following article we find the following:

    "Experiment with puppet shows that we were born to be fair" ...

    "It looks like a game in a fun fair: a girl and a fish puppet are playing miniature cubes filled with coins. Nevertheless, it is a psychological experiment.

    Its goal is to measure a very complex human concept: justice.

    The game goes like this: the puppet (with the help of an adult puppeteer) and participant age three small cubes accumulate. Then the team girl / puppet receive awards, one for each coin collected.

    This is when the child must decide how to share his prize with his partner, the puppet.

    This simple game revealed that, at the age of three years, the children choose their peers reward according to merit.

    The children gave the puppet more prizes if they had "tried harder" on collecting coins. "

    "" All we can do is rule out possibilities with our experiments, "he explains." We can rule that requires formal education or sophisticated reasoning about incentives. "

    "(The law) is something that emerges in the earliest activities of children with their peers," said his colleague, Kanngiesser, and that "there is a natural human predisposition" to treat others fairly.

    "It seems intuitive," says the expert. "Many people have observed that even at 18 months of age, children have expectations of how things should be shared in a fair manner."

    And there are logical and humane reasons there is a tendency towards equity, since it is essential to maintain stable relations, says the specialist social behavior in primates Susanne Shultz, from the University of Manchester, England. "

       However, the initial equity is something that in many cases is lost, and this is noted, for example, racism, sexism, speciesism and many prejudicially unfair discrimination. As is known, there are movements that strive to reverse many of those problems that affect women or the female gender: feminism.

       Although there have been great advances in equal rights in these respects, yet in fact there is vast inequality in most countries. These inequalities have been and are promoted and imposed by prejudices of many men directly, and also indirectly through its influence on women, imbuing them instilling their prejudices and fear of rejection by society if they were to act freed from such unfair limitations.

       One reflection of this is that in the Urban Dictionary the most accepted definition of the word "slut" ("whore" in Spanish) is "a woman with the morals of a man" (in Spanish: a woman with the morals of a man), in ironic reference to the fact that culturally and socially still getting used to consider and qualify denigrativa so any woman who dares to act with the same freedom as a man in the moral field. ...

       While it is true that this error is a burden sociocultural enforcement against the right of women, it is not justifiable for women to continue subordinating their actions to what people say very backward whenever the occasion arises to conduct themselves with the same rights and responsibilities a liberal man, because a justification like that only serve to perpetuate that state of cultural backwardness. The most progressive men often do everything in their power to promote and counteract this inequality, but women also have a responsibility to do their part in that company, if you live in any respect, a better life.

       Therefore, for anyone who has achieved in this aspect a third level of achievement, usually involving unacceptable inequality as common events, even in the most advanced countries, such as that women assume a relatively passive attitude in its relations with men. Still in this aspect is so meager progress in general, it is normal that in the initial stage of relations with persons of the sex position and claims to reach more than friendship, women are limited to just try to incite, by coquetry, to the men to take the initiative in almost every step taken in that approach.

       The resistance of many women to take an active role in it evenly, deduciblemente in part by fearing to be judged as dissolute becomes such that in many cases come to make such a large number of varied forms of coquetry, is ie, actions designed to incite, in whom claim-that more active, and through such a long time that the result reached in many cases, in addition to being completely unsuccessful efforts to involve wasted time and much more expensive than it initially would have cost to dare to act equally in those relationships. This is one of those many ways there are in a cowardly, is of far more expensive than what was initially the case to avoid.

       Many women are fearful and pessimistic in its eagerness to avoid the humiliation that allegedly imply a setback or a snub to assume an attitude equally active, perform a series so long and futile flirtation cowardly actions, which end in a much more humiliating for themselves and others who themselves humiliating that would have been equally daring to act without things go as intended. However, in the eyes of anyone who has reached the third level of progress, daring to act and fair equality is not intended to achieve what they never really humiliating way, but even something admirable, and even more if who makes the attempt is a woman, taking into account that the freedom of these social pressure is greater than against man.

       This is a man who has reached a third level of achievement in their relationships with the opposite sex, is almost certainly a woman who acts without equity in the details will only indifference, and another that does show that equity will produce in him a admiration and even love and desire so high that the chances of a good outcome are very high or, if in other respects there is also intense attraction, that success will be safe. On the other hand, women who come precisely thereby bold are so scarce, even in the most developed countries, which are at least leave an indelible mark on the lives of men who, having reached this level of progress, value in very high degree that fair equality in relationships.

    "Whoever is careless With The truth in small matters can not be trusted with important matters."
    Albert Einstein

       (In Spanish: For important issues can not be trusted who is careless / a with truth in the details.)

       Specifically, for example, at least in the relationships that include claims or get it to be possibly, no woman should wait, hiding behind the fact that she is a woman, a man who has reached a third level of progress, look more than once without her he also has sought equivalently, for any woman who is, for the purposes of considering, even distantly, as a potential partner generally has no special significance for any man of that degree of progress, are higher than the number and / or magnitude of the virtues and any other benefits for which it is treated, even realistically-holder.

       (Of course, the above in no way means that any woman who by education or for any other reason equally applicable to any type of requirement for a man, must be interpreted as she is wanting to have a relationship with him that goes beyond mere friendship, or business, or any other completely alien to a relationship.)

       Although that equal treatment in any case it is essential to progress, their need is even greater in any other circumstances where there may be some doubt as to what is happening or, more specifically, as to the conditions under which is closer trying to be made, as, for example, can make unambiguous references that are not enough, or you can automatically clear that what may seem a simulation of real relationship with another person, is actually an honest relationship in appearance resembles involuntary only simulation result, for example, that the person in question has not tried to be very close to your partner for the purpose of hinting to the person intended their willingness to move closer to her in that regard.

    Looking through the bent backed tulips, To see how the other half lives, Looking through a glass onion - John Lennon and Paul McCartney

    by Hey338Too on Mon Jul 22, 2013 at 01:35:01 PM PDT

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