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View Diary: What kind of 'business' are Republicans really fighting for? (64 comments)

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  •  Know why Americans tolerate being fleeced? (11+ / 0-)

    Do you know why businessmen (who really should know better) as well as working class folks keep voting Republican and therefore tacitly keep supporting policies that are ruining their own futures?

    This has actually been studied by social scientists, at least indirectly. The reason is that almost everyone, even the most abused blue collar worker, harbors the dream that he or she might get lucky and end up rich. They support insanely low taxes on the rich (and therefore much higher taxes on themselves) because of the delusional hope that someday they'll be one of the swells.

    This is of course not just self-defeating, but tragically deluded. Because the sad fact is that America has less socioeconomic mobility than most other industrialized nations. Particularly less than European nations.

    So while American workers grab their ankles for their own tormentors in the hope that they can join the ranks of the rapists someday, reality says they are less likely to make the leap with every passing day.

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