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View Diary: They didn't acquit Zimmerman, they convicted Trayvon Martin (120 comments)

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    and real ugly.  And  it it is "all in the family". I have family members as well who have made Trayvon a thug. Based on what? It can't possibly be the color of Trayvon's skin now could it?
    Oh the protests I hear- of course not. He was "behaving" strangely (?), there were break in's in that gated community (by black men), he called Zimmerman a creepy ass cracker (to his friend on his cell phone), he beat Zimmerman's head into the ground, he smoked pot (?)- for all this and more he deserved to be murdered.
    What's a poor neighborhood vigilante to do? Poor George. Just doing his best. So what if he was hunting Trayvon, stalking him, so what if he kept pursuing him after he was told not to, so what if he got out of his vehicle and initiated a confrontation, so what? So what does it matter that Trayvon was only 17, scared and only had his bare hands and a bag of skittles to fight off Zimmerman who out weighed him and was clearly on his own mission to do what to Trayvon? Who cares? Trayvon hurt Zimmerman, so he was perfectly within the law to shot him dead.
    Yep, the jury agreed- Zimmerman did no wrong. Justice.
    So what if there is a juror who already has her book in the works- and claims she had no idea this case was such a big deal.
    So what if the jury was all white women. They were women- right? And all mothers.
    It's a MSM story- they made about race. They call Zimmerman a "white Hispanic" Heck, Zimmerman has black friends or a black friend.
    It's President Obama- he's making it about race- what is he. Is he black or white? Why doesn't he care about all the black kids getting murdered in Chicago? Oh, and BTW- where is his birth certificate?
    And isn't it true that black men are disproportionately imprisoned? Isn't it because they commit most of the crimes in this country. Oh yes, it is.  
    Oh no- not about race.
    This makes my brain explode. How does one counter such ignorance in "educated" people? How does one change hearts and minds in the face of this kind of raging blind prejudice?
    I know this is not new. Makes it so much more ugly that this is old ingrained bias and hate.
    All I can think is zero tolerance for hate, all I can think is stand our ground in the face of this hate, and call it what it is- racism.

    Watch out for the UnderToad ~ The World According To Garp

    by donaurora on Mon Jul 22, 2013 at 06:37:41 PM PDT

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