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  •  Hot dogs! (6+ / 0-)

    I like one now and then, even though I know they're not exactly a healthful food item. I make sure of that by going to Five Guys and getting one with cheese and grilled onions. (I can't easily eat the burgers there, because of the sesame-seed buns, which I'm allergic to. But I need to go sometimes because the fries are so tasty.) I don't like any of the traditional condiments on a hot dog, like ketchup or mustard or sauerkraut.

    I'm with Thomasina on words: no banning. The kind that annoys me most is corporate-speak, though. I go to meetings and perfectly intelligent people are saying some kind of gibberish. My current least favorite is "reach out to" in place of something like "ask" or "check with". I'll reach out to Pete on this. And the word "problem" has long since been banned, replaced with "issue" or something else less negative. Because goodness knows, when the production database goes down and everyone is dead in the water, it would be a bummer to suggest that's something bad.

    Sometimes I think all my drawers are junk drawers, but there is a specific junk drawer in the kitchen. It contains lots of random items like thumbtacks, matchbooks, and bits of ribbon that are pretty colors but imprinted with the logo of something so they're no good for gift wrapping. The most prevalent categories seem to be rubber bands and wire bag ties.

    I have been on a jury just once, in the 80s. Actually, I was quite impressed with my experience. All the jurors took it seriously and discussed thoughtfully until we reached a consensus. We found the defendant guilty of a less serious charge than the worst one the state was bringing.

    That was when I lived out in the sticks, and absolutely everyone involved was white; I sometimes wonder how the same case would go down if race were a factor in any way. Two young men had gotten into a fight; eventually one had the poor judgement to retrieve from his truck a small, lead-filled bat that he claimed he used in the course of trapping, which would be common out there. We believed that was maybe why he owned the club, but not why he drove around with it under his front seat rather than keeping it with his other trapping equipment. (It's a good thing he didn't carry a gun, or he'd have gotten in a lot more serious trouble.) Anyway, there was a lot of sympathy for both kids, who were obviously just full of testosterone and acting like idiots. One made a big mistake when he brought out a dangerous weapon, and we wanted to make that clear, but there was no talk about either kid being a "thug" or "deserving" either to be hurt or to get thrown in jail forever. Everyone wanted them both to be okay.

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