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    JanetT in MD

    Funnily enough, the longer I live in the US, the more I appreciate the value of sort of constitutional monarchy we have in the UK.

    I see Americans struggling to reconcile their thoughts about their President as a person and a politician with their feelings about the symbolic gravitas and meaning of the office - in the case of both Bush and Obama, it's been fascinating to see it happen from both sides.

    Aside from the fact that it must be difficult for the President to balance the ceremonial and symbolic aspects of the job with the job of actual 'presidenting'.

    In Britain is it's so much easier - we have our symbolic Head of State in whom we can vest all our patriotic pride and enthusiasm (and who can devote themselves to all the ceremonial stuff with vigour and aplomb).

    And then an elected Prime Minister on whom, as with all British politicians, we can heap opprobrium, without risk of seeming unpatriotic or disrespectful.

    It's all so much clearer that way.

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