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  •  not as much as you might think (8+ / 0-)

    I was surprised at how much of what he talked about was solid, proven stuff.  There are new clips from the Voyager sequence, which hadn't gone past Jupiter at the time of the series' airing.  

    Much of Sagan's story is the history of science, and thought.  One of my favorite sequences is when he starts talking about the early Greek cosmologists, and then takes a detour into a fairly comprehensive take-down of Platonic philosophy and the "ideal" world vs. the "real" world.  I remember one of my favorite statements was something like "Plato and the Pythagoreans didn't believe in gathering evidence from the world itself, they thought it was better to just sit around and think about it."

    Very revealing, and an interesting perspective on Plato, and philosophy.  I've found the divide between people who want to "think" on shit, and people who go out and "DO" things, to be the central struggle of our our world is ordered.  Some folks simply prefer their convenient lies.

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