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View Diary: North Carolina legislature determined to suppress voter turnout. Old times there not forgotten (138 comments)

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  •  Exactly. (6+ / 0-)

    And the GOP has now become totally shameless and blatant in its cheating.  

    (Remember in Texas, where after Wendy Davis' filibuster, Republicans held their anti-abortion vote after midnight ... and then cheated and back-dated the vote to before midnight ... literally in front of thousands of eyewitnesses?

    Rev. William Barber II, chapter president of the state NAACP, is one of the leaders of the Moral Mondays protests against such cuts at the statehouse that have led so far to more than 900 arrests.
    This is the new GOP tactic for screwing millions of Americans at the state level:  Despite an overwhelming lack of popularity of their policies among their own constituents, ram through those unpopular policies anyway.  Do it quickly and quietly and don't allow any discussion or debate from the opposition.

    When citizens protest such blatantly anti-democratic measures, lay down more (illegal) rules to shut those citizens up.  

    When they get even more upset and protest even further, arrest them.

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