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View Diary: North Carolina legislature determined to suppress voter turnout. Old times there not forgotten (138 comments)

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  •  3) Start making end runs around restrictions now (5+ / 0-)

    Counter each limitation with action, not just talk. Be the party that actively tries to get every voter into the polls.

    Maybe charter church buses regularly, to ferry non-drivers to the DMV to get their "free" voter IDs.

    Maybe, instead of registration rallies for students, hold rallies that guide them through the new tangle of decisions they need to make (is it best to register from parents' address and vote absentee? register locally after acquiring a new driver's license? etc.), and publicize countdown calendars to the deadlines for making the decisions.

    Maybe keep those campaigns non-partisan--but invite pols of both parties to take the lead in them, and let it be obvious who does.

    Meanwhile, of course--legal challenges, following the example that blocked implementation of the voter ID law in Pennsylvania for the 2008 election. The judge there ruled that if a even single voter was disenfranchised by the law, the law could not stand.

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