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View Diary: Uncappable underground blowout spills thousands of barrels of tar sands oil in Cold Lake, Alberta (183 comments)

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    An emulsion is a mixture (not a solution) of one liquid in another liquid.  The in situ (in place) extraction of bitumen uses steam to liquefy the bitumen and form a water emulsion that allows the bitumen to come to the surface as an emulsion in the condensed steam (and probably some surfactants).  The sand portion of the "tar sands" stays right where it was.  

    The initial emulsion from the in situ extraction is probably processed to improve the quality of the bitumen before it is sent through a pipeline.

    One of the issues with these emulsions in pipelines is the content of abrasive sand particles.

    Having said all this, I think it is a terrible idea and we should not be allowing the environmental damage in Alberta or risking the environment in the US to send this "oil" to profiteers in Texas that intend to send the final product to Asia.

    The plural of anecdote is NOT data

    by Dr Arcadia on Tue Jul 23, 2013 at 05:39:32 PM PDT

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