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View Diary: "Both the contraceptive pill and legalized abortion": Busting up a priggish lie (83 comments)

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    Batya the Toon, The Geogre

    Sometime ago, I read a diary here on dKos by someone who works in an abortion clinic. As I recall her story: one of the young women who was always seen protesting outside the clinic actually came into the clinic to get an abortion.

    She wasn't in the least troubled about getting an abortion, because she said it was just this once, due to an accident--so she wasn't like all these other women who used abortion as birth control and got abortions all the time.

    Post-abortion, she went right back to protesting outside the clinic.

    There is a downside to making the central plank of your argument something that is completely false. Not that her colleagues on the picket line would have known this, since it is unlikely she mentioned it to them.

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